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Hindu Baby Girl Names U

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Hindu Baby Girl Names starting with letter U and Meanings.

Ubika Growth
Ucchal Perception
Udantika Satisfaction
Udgita A Hymn
Udipti On Fire
Udyati Elevated
Ujvala Bright; Lighted
Ulka Free Falling Rocks
Ullupi Pretty Face
Ulupya Pretty Face
Umika Goddess Parvati
Unma Joy
Unnati Progress
Unni Lead
Upadhriti A Ray
Upasna Worship
Upma The Best
Ura Earth
Urishilla Excellent
Urishita Firm
Urja Goddess Parvati
Urmi Wave
Urmika Small Wave
Urmila Enchantress
Urvashi The Ganges
Urvi Earth
Ushi A Plant
Ushma Warmth
Usra First Light
Utalika Wave
Utpala Filled With Lotuses; A River
Utpalakshi Goddess Laxmi
Uttara Royal Daughter


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